Social Media Best Practices
Utilize your network to find the right opportunities for you!
Job searching goes well beyond traditional job boards.  Find out how to put your best foot forward by using your social networks to advance your career.
Social Media and Networking Best Practices
Update your LinkedIn Profile
Be sure to use a professional picture/headshot and background photo
  • Login to LinkedIn.  On your profile page, click on your photo icon/the drop down menu under “Me” and begin editing/updating/enhancing your profile by clicking on “Add profile section”
  • Enable the option to show that you are open to new opportunities.
    • Under your profile header, click "Get started"
      • On the next screen, under “Choose who sees you’re open to jobs,” select “All LinkedIn members” then click “Add to profile”
  • On the next screen, under “Choose who sees you’re open to jobs,” select “All LinkedIn members” then click “Add to profile

Tell everyone about yourself!
  • Share your story –  overview of your career history and accomplishments, what you're passionate about
  • Ensure each position you list details your responsibilities and impact
  • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date, and link to other places you can be found online (Twitter, etc.)
  • Make your contact information visible so it’s easy for recruiters to get in touch with you.  To check your settings, click the down arrow under ‘Me’ on the right-hand side of your profile.   Then click “Settings and Privacy.”  You will see several options for editing the visibility of your profile, your email address, and options for you to be searched.  You have the option to make each setting viewable by anyone, only your connections, or 1st and 2nd degree connections.  While you are job searching, we recommend making your email address available to anyone.
  • Ask others for recommendations.  Recommendations are a great way to showcase your performance, receive endorsements from former colleagues and provide prospective employers with references for your work. 
  • You can find the ‘Recommendations’ section below your experience within your LinkedIn profile:

Update your Facebook
  • Companies utilize your profile's education and work experience information to target ads about job opportunities; however, only those users who have included the information within their profiles will  receive these notifications and advertisements.
  • To update these settings, go to your Profile > Edit Details > and then complete work history and educational information:
  • Add specific information about your background (types of technology used, certifications, responsibilities, functional areas) so that your profile will be pulled into targeted audiences that companies are selecting.  For example:
  • Follow companies that you are interested in pursuing.  Many companies have both brand pages and career pages, so do a Facebook search for both to make sure you are being kept apprised of career opportunities.

Other Social Platforms:
  • The main social media platforms companies typically utilize for recruitment are LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
  • Employers who advertise their roles on Facebook typically have the same ads on their Instagram sites, so follow the Instagram pages (brand, and career, if applicable) of any employers you’re interested in.
  • If you are a Twitter user, you'll want to follow the same practices as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  Follow brand and career pages, make sure that your Twitter bio is updated to reflect your skillset and profession, and check your previous tweets to make sure that they are neutral and professional.  Twitter is a great place to engage in conversations with other industry professionals by replying or retweeting content.