Check out these photos for a virtual tour

Photo of the front of Niagara Bottling HQ
Photo of an outdoor desk with high top chairs under an outdoor structure
Photo of tables and chairs outside on a lawn titled "the green"
Image of Niagara lobby; blue couch in a "squiggly" shape in front of a cement wall with "niagara" written in plants
Image of a long room with desks and a couch
Image of a woman reading in a comfortable chair in the Niagara library
Man working on his computer in a wooden chair in the Niagara library
The "LIFE" hallway; long room with high-top tables and chairs and booths with pendant lamps
The LIFE hallway with two women working on their computer at a high top table
People working at a table in the LIFE hallway
"The Filler," kitchen located on the third floor of Niagara HQ
Image of work spaces in Niagara HQ
Man writing on a white board in front of a room full of people
Woman working in the Niagara tasting lab on the first floor of HQ
Niagara team members working at tables and booths on the second floor of HQ
Niagara team members playing foosball at HQ
Photo of outdoor and indoor tables at HQ
Tables in a room with an outdoor feel: green grass carpet, mural of the hills at sunset, wooden accents
Photos taken in 2019