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​​What Maintenance is like at Niagara
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Learn about Aseptic Manufacturing

Why you should join the
​​​​​​​Maintenance Apprenticeship Program

Danny - Former Intern, now Sr. Manager! Fascinated by how stuff is made? Interested in cutting-edge equipment and want to make an impact? Join the Maintenance Apprenticeship Program as your next career step to explore the high-speed world of manufacturing while working alongside robots, laser-guided vehicles and world-class bottling lines.
Bruce - Sr. Manager of Manufacturing Technology The Maintenance Apprenticeship Program will enhance your skills that are vital to jump-starting your career.  You will acquire the knowledge and skills that lead to trust and credibility in your chosen profession. If you are ready for a rewarding and challenging opportunity, then MAP is for you!
Max - Sr. Manager of Manufacturing Technology
You'll be prepared for a rewarding career in Maintenance at a leading beverage manufacturer. You'll get training from OEM and Niagara trainers on the latest and greatest bottling technology. After this program, the sky is the limit! We hope to see participants become Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Managers, Production Supervisors, Production Managers, even Plant Directors. 
Logan - Manufacturing Technology Engineer This program will be the start of a fulfilling career within Niagara for you! Working with cutting edge technology and being surrounded by people who care helps foster an environment where you have potential for endless growth. You'll learn valuable skills, identify your strengths, and grow relationships with the team at your side.