Nathan Doerschuk

Regional Sales Manager, Niagara Bottling

Major, Communications Officer, United State Marine Corps Reserves

"Taking initiative is important in the military just as it is within Niagara’s culture, which allows you the freedom to seek out opportunities to do things better or more efficiently."

As a Communications Officer, Major Nathan D. Doerschuk served as a platoon commander from 2006-2008 in Okinawa, Japan.  Upon completion of his duty oversees, he received orders to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego to serve as a Series Commander, Operations Officer and Executive Officer for 1st Recruit Training Battalion.  In July 2011, Nathan received his honorable discharge and soon after he began his career at Niagara as an Operations Analyst in Customer Service. Nathan quickly adapted to the fast pace work environment that characterizes the Niagara culture.  In January 2013, Nathan transitioned to a Sales Development Manager (SDM) role in search of new challenges and opportunities.  As the company grew, so did the demand for leadership and experience within the Niagara Sales department.  Over the next 3 years, Nathan was promoted twice more to Senior SDM and Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager.  Nathan attributes his career growth at Niagara to not only his work ethic, but also his military training that taught him the importance of being proactive as a leader and to not shy away from taking initiative.

Nathan says, “Taking initiative is important in the military just as it is within Niagara’s culture, which allows you the freedom to seek out opportunities to do things better or more efficiently. The courage we are taught in the military that demands us to do what is right and in the best interest of the unit, is true at Niagara as well.  Niagara employees not only want to do what is best for the company, but do what is best for the customers we service.” Furthermore, Nathan says, “People at Niagara are like minded in the sense that they want to progress and grow the company.  Within Niagara there is a healthy competitive environment that drives excellence similar to what I experienced in the Marines.”

High quality, affordable prices, and exceptional service
As a producer and supplier of Niagara® brand and private label bottled water to many of the nation’s leading retailers, Niagara has over 55 years of experience offering our customers unmatched quality, price and service.
Vertical Integration
Niagara’s position as the most vertically integrated bottling company in the industry allows us to improve quality, reduce environmental impact and pass along cost savings to our customers.
High-speed manufacturing and cutting edge bottling technology
We manufacture our products with the fastest, most automated and technologically advanced water bottling lines in the world! Efficiency savings gained with high-speed manufacturing and automation is another important factor that allows our customers to offer the best value on their shelves.
The Niagara Team
Niagara’s biggest competitive advantage is a team of employees dedicated to hard work, integrity and exceptional service in order to provide our customers with high quality, value priced bottled water.

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